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Isolated mountains graphic design, website design, business consultant

Welcome to Jodaké / jo·duh·kay






Helping Business Brands Reach New Heights


Jodaké Brands is a full-service branding, consulting and design agency, offering a comprehensive range of services from graphic design, website development and consulting. Whether you're looking to create a new brand or revamp your current one, Jodaké Brands has the expertise to ensure your business out performs in this competitive business marketplace.


Jodaké Brands has been delivering creative, innovative projects that help companies build strong and recognizable brands for 20 years. From innovative logo designs to strategic web solutions, Josh has crafted a wide range of projects that have made a lasting impact. Learn more about Jodaké Brands' recent projects and get inspired to begin your new journey!


Jodaké Brands offers a variety of package pricing options to meet your individual needs.  The packages range from covering just the essentials to a full service experience, and each one includes different levels of design and consultation services. Contact him today to discuss which package is the best fit for your business needs.

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Meet Josh Kennah, he's an experienced professional with over 20 years of experience in helping hundreds of small business owners create and communicate their unique brand publicly through graphic design and internet-based avenues.


At Jodaké Brands, Josh has taken his expertise in branding, marketing, design, and strategy and focused it all on small businesses. With his vast experience and impressive track record, he's helped numerous clients take their small business brand to another elevation.



Advanced Remedy Logo Tyler, Texas
Rise RX Fitness Graphic Design website design
Sherp of Alaska Logo Design Creative Agency
Simply Equine Logo Design Tyler, TX
Armed Texas Logo Brand Design
Ramsey Fritz Jewels Logo Brand Consultant
Journey Guidance Holistic Health Logo Design
APEC Tyler, TX Logo Design
Orthopedic Research Clinic Alaska Logo Business rebrand
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Tyler Logo
Share Lunker Logo Graphic Design
Davidson Real Estate Logo Design
David Wade Gourmet Logo Website Design
Kawas Tyler Logo Brand Design
East Texas Business Printing Logo Design
Villaggio Del Vino Tyler Logo Website Design
East Texas Foot Ankle Center Logo
Wasabi Sushi Tyler Logo Design
Gator Waders Tyler Logo Graphic Design
Presley Ryann Jewelry Logo Brand Design


"I have been working with Josh for many years and his work never disappoints. He is able to take my vision for a project or business venture and deliver the perfect logo and designs."

RiseRX Fitness / Nutrify Wellness Co.

Michelle Peña

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