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Jodaké Brands is a boutique brand building agency in Tyler, Texas that specializes in creating unique and engaging experiences for their clients. Browse some clients that have enjoyed exponential growth after following my complete brand consulting services. We invite you to explore his projects and learn more about how Jodaké Brands can help your business reach its full potential.


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"After many years of being in business and minimal attention to online presence and branding, we turned to Josh for help developing a new and exciting look.  Josh made the process simple and fun, his knowledge and experience in the industry is evidenced by the final product and marketing outcomes.  I strongly recommend any business owner collaborate with Josh to bring their vision to reality. 

Great work Josh and thank you!!"

Ben Kennah, PA-C



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"What’s not to say about Josh Kennah. The support he has given our company since making the changes to improve our business as a whole are outstanding. We have seen amazing increases in sales and the fresh look he added to our business has exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend his efforts to anyone wanting to build a major brand or even give a new fresh feel to an already growing company!!"

Heather Riley-Henderson